Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TTFN "G" litter

The house seems so empty (and quiet, clean and good smelling! :-) ) with our little "G"'s all gone off to their PR's. To paraphrase Gilbert & Sullivan (Pirates of Penzance) "While individually we love you all with affection unspeakable, taken collectively you produce a mess and noise that we view with a disgust that amounts to absolute detestation." Not quite detastation, but it does get quite noisy and messy the last 2 weeks (and I couldn't resist a good G&S misquote). So far we have heard from all the PR's except those for Gaius, Gordon and Gillian. Hopefully they will contact me once the PR letter gets sent to their PR's.

The day after turn-in we had our first COC (change of career) out of 2 litters. Galen was COC'd for having an over-bite, I guess they can't pick up things as well as needed for the program so they dismiss them early and let them just be pets. Not to worry, I have a friend who is ecstatic to be getting her for their first dog. She will get to grow up with 2 great kids in a great family, and I will get to see her grow up, something I haven't gotten to do with any of the pups yet. In addition, both Ginny and Gaylor will be raised in the Bay Area, so score for me!!! :-)











Thursday, November 22, 2007


We now have names to go with colors for all the puppies. We didn't do quite as well as the last litter, only 6 of 10 names were our picks as opposed to 9 out of 10 last litter. But we still got some cute/interesting names. Without further ado I present Della's "G" litter of 2007!!

Galen (girl)

Gaius (boy)

Gordon (boy)

Gillian (girl)

Gemma (girl)

Gaylor (girl)

Ginny (girl)

Gypsy (girl)

Gilden (girl)

Godwin (boy)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And the winner is......

Light pink. Yesterday she became the first to go overboard from the whelping pool for this litter. Della was standing outside the pool and I guess pink just didn't want to wait for her meal. Either that or Ashley has turned her into a little diva. Here is a picture of her with Ashley in their halloween costumes.

Because of the escapee the pups have moved to their new home, our 4ft x 8ft pen.

At 3 weeks of age, it is getting a little crowded at the diner....

And no one knows that better than mom!!

Monday, November 5, 2007


I think that Orange is trying to make up for being the smallest in the litter by being the most advanced. So far she has been the first to open her eyes, the first to lick, and today she is the first to really walk. Such an over-achiever! :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy (belated) Hallowe'en!!

Here are the latest, holiday pictures of Della's G litter. Some pictures are better than others, wiggly puppies are difficult subjects!! ;-) Della is still doing great and all the puppies are growing well. Purple continues to be the bruiser of the group, having topped 2 pounds by day 7!!











Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here are some pictures from the first day after whelping. I just love it when their noses and pads are still pink. Too bad it doesn't last very long!! Everyone is growing well and Della is being a great mom as usual.




Friday, October 26, 2007

Puppy pictures

Here are some pictures we managed to take amongst the whelping. I will be posting more soon. Everyone is healthy and happy. Della looks so streamlined after whelping. The only way you can tell she was even pregnant is by looking under her belly. She is such a great mom! We have to be very insistent to get her to come out of the whelping pool for meals and potty time!! :o)

First born, Red, a little girl

Second born, Blue, one of 3 little boys we had, all black.

Here is the entire gang waiting while we clean out the pool following the whelping.

And here is Della's opinion of the whole thing!! :P
(not really, she seems to enjoy being a mom, but she would probably prefer to skip the actual whelp)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Puppies!! Episode II: Arrival of the G's

Well, so much for my promise to blog as soon as something started to happen! :P Sorry about that. Della went into labor yesterday, Oct 24th. Because she is such a good girl she again had a daytime birth. The first puppy popped out around 1:45 PM. They were coming about every hour until after puppy number 3 (purple). At a whopping 1 pound 3 ounces, he was the cork that was slowing us down, as the next 3 puppies were born within the next hour!! This litter was a big one with weights ranging from 14 3/4 ounces to our 1# 3 oz bruiser. Della's last litter were all under a pound each. Labor went very smoothly and Della finished up at 8:19, in time for us to kick back and watch the new episode of Pushing Daisies (greatest show on TV today!!!). All together we had 10 puppies again, 5 black and 5 yellow. There are 3 boys and 7 girls and all 3 boys are black. I will try to post some pics this evening.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

And the results are...

Well, yesterday Ashley and I took Della up to CCI for her x-ray. I was really hoping that Dr. Ruth would say 6 or maybe 8. No such luck. Instead we once again came home with "10 for sure, maybe 11, it's hard to say she's so full". Sigh. Much as I love puppies, it is hard to give them all individual attention when there are so many. Her due date is still the 25th, with the caveat that with that many she could easily deliver early, so we are on puppy watch starting now. I will post as soon as anything starts to happen. Wish us luck! :0)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Puppy Confirmation

Here are Della's ultrasound pics. The middle pic shows 4 puppies, so we know we have at least that many buns in the oven. Ms. D is finally over her morning sickness and eating fine, as well as beginning to really show. Either it's the result of having a large previous litter, or we are in for another wild ride!! X-rays are set for October 20th, and her due date is currently October 25th. I will post x-ray results as soon as they are available.

Della seems to have adjusted well to Ashley's absence for college and having to share our room with a 2nd dog (Ashley's 14 yo Brittany, Beans). She is very clingy, but that is probably due to her pregnancy as she was that way even before Ashley left. I can't move 2 inches without her following me and leaning on or against me. Thank god the weather has cooled down!! :-)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kirsch is a cutey!

Kirsch and Angie his PR (and Cecil's PR too!!)

Ashley and I went up to CCI last Saturday for graduation. It was lots of fun. We got to meet Kirsch and his B/C. Then we got to meet Angie for the first time face to face and see our boy Cecil. At 8 months he is already as heavy as his mom (60lbs)! Angie's vet thinks he will top out at between 80 and 90 when he's done growing. Oof!! :o) It was loads of fun playing with Cecil and seeing how much like his mom he looks and acts. To make the day even more fun, we finally got to meet Gayle, B/C for Della's mom, Keeley. Definitely a fun day and worth the drive.

Cecil sitting patiently during graduation. He looks so much like Della!

Ashley and Cecil catching up on lovin'

Home again, home again jiggity jig

Well, Ashley and I cruised up to CCI today to pick up Ms. Della. She was so happy to see us she kept collapsing from wiggling so much! We go back on the 20th of Sept. for her ultrasound at which time we will know whether she is pregnant or not. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

's about time!!

Yeah!! Della finally went into heat on Tuesday the 14th. :o)
Boo!! She went into heat all over my clean comforter! :P
So we rearranged our schedule and did a Santa Rosa run. If all goes as planned she will be bred to Kirsch this week. In the "its a small world" category, the winner is... Angie! She was Kirsch's PR and is currently raising Cecil from Della's FIRST litter. As soon as I know when she was bred I will post her due date, so keep watching! :o)

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I'm still getting caught up on posting pictures I have received of the puppies. This is a picture of Cecil (Ashley always called him Cecilicious, after the song Fergilicious by the Black-Eyed Peas), taken on the ice March 3rd at a Seattle Thunderbird hockey game. The Puget Sound group attended together and got to go on the ice at the break to show off what their pups could do. Way to go Cecil for showing that even the youngest pup in attendance can do a perfect sit!! Thanks to PR Angie for the great photo and sorry for taking so long to post it (he's probably twice as big by now!!)

(Cecil is all the way on the left.)


Here is Cressida and her "auntie" Allie. Thanks PRs Sandy and Becky for the great photo.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh I love a parade...

Here we are with the new East Bay Miracles CCI chapter at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo parade in Castro Valley. Much fun was had by all. The surprising thing was not a single dog complained about the hats!! :o)