Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Turn In

I knew the time was closing in on us, but all the same, I am in a bit of shock. CCI called this morning to arrange for the turn in date for the puppies. It's not until February 12th, but all the same....

Part of me is relieved, no more howling to come out, no more poopy newspaper to deal with. But dang, I'm going to miss them too. Most of them are just puppies, cute to look at and hold, but I have of course fallen in love with a couple too. They really are starting to have very distinct personalities. I know I will be both happy and depressed after I turn them back in to CCI. I can't even imagine how the puppy raisers deal with it. If I am this emotionally invested after 5 weeks, I can't fathom turning a pup back in after 18 months of bonding. My hat is definitely off to those with the emotional fortitude to be a PR.

I should be able to post new pics later this week. All the sunny weather has inspired me to want to do portrait headshots of everyone before they go.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Name Game

Yay! We have the names for the puppies back from CCI. All but the first were names we suggested, so I guess we did a good job picking names. The puppies are named as follows:

red - Colson
blue - Crimson
purple - Cinnamon
neon green - Caleb IV
neon pink - Chaucer II
brown - Clifford
light pink - Cyrano
turquoise - Clementine II
orange - Cecil
dark green - Cressida

Now we just have to remember who goes with which name. Too bad they didn't name red Clifford, it would have been funnier....

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Time Flies

God, I can't believe that the puppies are 3 weeks old today. It doesn't seem that long. All 10 have their eyes fully open now and are very interested in what is going on around them (when they are actually awake, it's a total snoozefest right now).

Well, we knew it would happen soon , and I finished the wood for the puppy pen over the weekend because of that, but who knew it would happen this soon!! We had our first escapee yesterday. Some of the more outgoing pups had been scrabbling at the sides of the pool for several days now. Yesterday, light pink finally got his front feet hooked over the edge. A momentary hangtime and a lot of back leg scrabbling, then over the top and head first onto the floor (luckily the carpeted floor!). He pulled himself up and immediately took of trotting wobbily across the floor. After we coralled him back in with his sibs we immediately assembled the puppy pen and moved everyone into their new digs. They were a little hesitant about the extra room last night, but have adjusted well and seem quite content with the extra space today.

Besides the extra room, the biggest change with the new space is that they can easily see out. They are very quick to notice if someone comes close to the pen and then they all crowd to that side and yip for attention. So cute!!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

ten solo shots


light pink

neon pink



dark green



neon green


Here are all 10 in their first individual shots. These were taken at 14 days and just before their eyes began opening. Now all 10 have eyes open. It is so cute how they come toddling over to the edge of the pool now that they can see when we are there. I can't believe it has been more that 2 weeks since they were born!! I forgot how fast puppies develop. From little wiggleworms to full-fledge puppies in 14 days! We are now starting to see their personalities developing, from the one who loves to bark to the really laidback pups. SO FUN!!!