Wednesday, December 26, 2007

TTFN "G" litter

The house seems so empty (and quiet, clean and good smelling! :-) ) with our little "G"'s all gone off to their PR's. To paraphrase Gilbert & Sullivan (Pirates of Penzance) "While individually we love you all with affection unspeakable, taken collectively you produce a mess and noise that we view with a disgust that amounts to absolute detestation." Not quite detastation, but it does get quite noisy and messy the last 2 weeks (and I couldn't resist a good G&S misquote). So far we have heard from all the PR's except those for Gaius, Gordon and Gillian. Hopefully they will contact me once the PR letter gets sent to their PR's.

The day after turn-in we had our first COC (change of career) out of 2 litters. Galen was COC'd for having an over-bite, I guess they can't pick up things as well as needed for the program so they dismiss them early and let them just be pets. Not to worry, I have a friend who is ecstatic to be getting her for their first dog. She will get to grow up with 2 great kids in a great family, and I will get to see her grow up, something I haven't gotten to do with any of the pups yet. In addition, both Ginny and Gaylor will be raised in the Bay Area, so score for me!!! :-)