Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Puppy Confirmation

Here are Della's ultrasound pics. The middle pic shows 4 puppies, so we know we have at least that many buns in the oven. Ms. D is finally over her morning sickness and eating fine, as well as beginning to really show. Either it's the result of having a large previous litter, or we are in for another wild ride!! X-rays are set for October 20th, and her due date is currently October 25th. I will post x-ray results as soon as they are available.

Della seems to have adjusted well to Ashley's absence for college and having to share our room with a 2nd dog (Ashley's 14 yo Brittany, Beans). She is very clingy, but that is probably due to her pregnancy as she was that way even before Ashley left. I can't move 2 inches without her following me and leaning on or against me. Thank god the weather has cooled down!! :-)