Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am not dead yet..........................!(actually written 3/13/09)

Hi everyone!!

Well, I realize it has been quite some time since I last posted (last September for gosh sake!). I can only say that it has been crazy busy around here, starting with my youngest, Duncan, being hospitalized in October for pneumonia and continuing with my daughter's 15 1/2 yo dog dying unpleasantly in November. Then came the holidays and a new puppy between X-mas and New Year's. Then I got busy with rehearsals for a musical I was cast in with a slight interruption for a nasty kidney infection.

Rev (14 pounds)
Well, the show is over, the puppy is mostly housebroken, and I finally get a chance to catch my breathe,................and Della goes into heat a month early!!

That's right, Ms. Della went up Tuesday, 3/10, for her 3 weeks at the "spa". I will be posting when she comes back with details on who she was matched with. I wish it was Baumann again. A full 50% of the pups from that litter made it to graduation. At this time, Cecil, Cinnamon, and Cressida have graduated as companion dogs and Cyrano and Clifford have graduated as hearing dogs. Yay Della!